About us

At Zent2U, we put U, our customers, at the heart of everything we do. As a result, we became leader in Urology, Cardiology, and Pain products.
Our priority: bring focus on every detail in Development, Production, Technology, Regulations and Quality control, so U do not have to. That is why we acquired a fourth wholly-owned production site in India to expand our manufacturing capacity while keeping our costs competitive.
We benefit from our very own Research and Development centers in which our passionate teams are using state-of the-art equipment to constantly innovate and find new ways of delivering high-quality and affordable medicines. But we do not stop here: to better serve U, we invested in technology specialized in hormones, sterile and pellet, making us a unique and strong player in the field.
The global regulatory experience of our experts allows us to act fast for U, transferring 80 products per year, while maintaining the highest level of Quality control. This complex operation may take others years to complete, whereas we are able to do it fast.
At Zent2U, we are committed to making high-quality, cost-competitive medicines easier to access and we are already known for our far-reaching expertise in tailoring solutions to your needs.

Thomas Koene
Head of Strategic Growth Partnerships, Zentiva

Thomas Koene