28 May 2021    /    News

Zent2U announces successful development completion of Metformin with controlled NDMA content

May 28, 2021: is happy to announce its successful development of a Metformin finished drug product with significantly controlled NDMA content.

Zent2U’s development of innovative manufacturing processes to control impurities, including N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), is completed and the opportunity is now offered to you. Zentiva‘s improved processes have been successfully implemented into industrial use and Zentiva has related intellectual property rights. Application concerning worldwide patent rights is pending.

Solving this complex task, which is closely observed by global regulators, allows Zentiva to offer complete EU dossiers to partners. We believe that having a Metformin finished drug product with controlled nitrosamine impurity content will bring significant advantages to millions of diabetes patients. Further, this innovation will advantage our potential business partners in overcoming nitrosamine impurity issues and allow the launch of the improved product quickly, with critical NMDA reduction and benefiting from Zentiva’s proprietary technology.


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Tomas Pilarcik

Key Account Manager

Thomas Koene

Head of Growth Partnerships

Mihai Stoian

Key Account Manager

Rahul Padhye

Key Account Manager



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