About Zent2U

We have placed the B2B business at the heart of our growth plan. We are cost leader in Urology, Cardiology, and Pain products and we specialise in Hormones, Steriles, and Pellet technologies. We have our own development and competitive, high-quality manufacturing facilities. We demonstrate a high operational intensity, transfer over 80 products per year and benefit from a global regulatory experience.


  • Co-development to share investments

  • Life Cycle Management to stay sustainable

  • Out-Licensing to scale volumes

  • Contract manufacturing

  • Export from Europe to scale up volumes

  • Private label to develop customers

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Our available products

available products

We are fusing on pain, cardiology and urology.

Focus on hormones, sterile (eyedrops, ampoules, vials, ointments), and pellets

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Our available technologies

available technologies


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