Zent2U Cohance: New collaboration in India!

Zent2U is the cost leader in Cardiology, Oncology, and Urology. To bring even more to the field of Cardiology and Urology, we teamed up with Cohance Lifesciences – a leading CDMO and API platform based in India that innovates, co-creates, and collaborates with marque pharmaceutical and specialty chemical companies all over the world.

“This partnership will help Zent2U to grow faster. Cohance has deep experience in producing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and sourcing Key Starting / Basic Materials. Thanks to the collaboration our API facility in India could be more efficient and effective,” comments Drs. Thomas Koene, Head of Zent2U.

The advantages of cooperation are visible on both sides, notes Managing Director and CEO of Cohance Dr. Prasada Raju: “It will help Cohance to accelerate its commercial reach. Zent2U has a strong commercial network to sell Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Finished Dosage Forms. This brings Cohance abilities to commercialize cardiology and urology medicines in Europe and outside.”

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