Zent2U and Gedeon Richter Expand Access to Amlodipine + Indapamide + Perindopril

We are more than happy to announce successful collaboration with Gedeon Richter on the MA approval of Amlodipine + Indapamide + Perindopril in Hungary.

This step will expand presence of modern medicine for essential hypertension developed by Zentiva into other European markets. 🌍

Zent2U and Richter Gedeon Nyrt. / Magyarország together are evaluating further collaboration expansion on newly developed products from cardiovascular therapeutical area to strengthen already existing successful relationship for the future.

„I´m happy to see that with Gedeon Richter, our valuable partner and Gx market leader in Hungary, we successfully managed to register complex cardiovascular combination product and that preparations for its launch are in a very advance stage. We envisage further expansion of our partnership, introducing innovative healthcare solutions, and a continued commitment to improving patient outcomes, “says Tomas Pilarcik, Head of Out-Licensing Europe.

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