Zentiva registered Omeprazole Value Added Medicine

📣We are delighted to share that we have successfully concluded the harmonized procedure for a value-added medicine: Omeprazole immediate-release 20mg capsules. Our new value-added formulation of Omeprazole containing an antacid, accelerates the absorption of Omeprazole which may bring a lot of benefits.
This achievement fills us with immense pride and gratitude for our dedicated team's hard work and commitment.
📈At Zent2U, we are passionate about innovation and delivering high-quality medicines to our business partners. This accomplishment underscores our unwavering dedication to advancing healthcare solutions that make a positive impact on patients' lives and offering those solutions to our business partners.
➡️For more information and details on available countries, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team members:
Tomas Pilarcik
Rahul Padhye
Yuliyana Manolova
Nina Fuentes de Tienda
💊We're excited about the possibilities ahead and look forward to continuing our journey of bringing value added medicines to the market.

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